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FAQ 15th June 2019 

FAQ. Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to come in for a single session without further obligation to see if you can help me?

Sure, we understand, in fact research demonstrates that the quality of the relationship you have with your counsellor is vital for a successful outcome,so you should feel free to come in for a single session and decide.

Some counsellors offer free assessment sessions, do you?

No, counselling is unlikely to be of much benefit to you in a single session. In fact, assessment is an initial stage of the work. Counselling requires an emotional and a financial committment and we try to be straightforward about that.

Do you have confidential premises?

Yes, we have purposely built professional offices (pictured on this website) that are self contained and private.

How can I check the credentials of a therapist?

To begin with, see our website page 'Who are we?' and thereafter you may like to check the main registers on the web. We have included the links to the registers for your ease of use

Do you offer concessions for low wage earners?

Yes, we have a limited number of concessionary places.

Do your therapists subscribe to a code of ethics?

Yes, our practitioners are members of the main professional bodies, and subscribe to the British Association for Counselling code of ethics and as required, have the necessary professional insurance.

Can you see me during the evening after my work?

Yes, many people prefer evening appointments, for example clients who commute

FAQ. Chair and office How soon can you see me and how much do you charge?

As soon as you make contact with us by phone or e-mail we can arrange a time to meet. We charge 60 daytime and 65.00 for individual evening appointments.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, we are sorry, this is no longer financially viable

I have other questions?

That's understandable and we would be happy to talk further on Freephone 0800 756 6236 If we are not immediately available, leave a message and we will happily get back to you.

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